An online multiplayer board game inspired by the original “Connect Four”.
Available soon.
Play Stack 4 on your mobile phone or tablet and always play against real world opponents.
the game
Connect 4 game cubes on a 3 dimensional game board to win. Horizontally, vertically, diagonally or around corners.
play friends or the world
Play with friends or take on the world to win gold and exclusive new game cubes. Become the the best of your country in weekly leaderboards and win bonus rewards.
play exclusive cubes
Play with your favorite cube in 20 different arenas. Each cube comes with unique attributes that can help you beat your opponent. From standard cubes to the rare Legendary Black Hole cube.
Challenge each other in 20 increasingly difficult arenas. Play higher level arenas to win more gold and increase your chance of unlocking better cubes.
play for gold
With every game there is gold at stake. If you win, the gold is yours. Use gold to play in higher arenas and buy better game cubes.
level up
The level system in Stack 4 will always let you play opponents with a similar skill. Level up to play against the best in the world.